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  • What are your rates?
    To learn more about our rates, please schedule a free consultation using the Contact page. Rates differ depending on type of service (test prep, academic support, and executive functioning) and tutor (silver, gold, platinum - Remy). We also offer packages.
  • Do you offer packages?
    Yes, we do! To learn more about our package pricing, please reach out via the form on the Contact page. Please note that packages are paid in full before tutoring begins and are non-refundable.
  • How long are sessions?
    The best session length for a large test like the ACT/SAT, ISEE/SSAT, SHSAT, or Hunter Test is 1.5 hours. Tutors and students will spend the first 30 minutes reviewing homework, then the next half hour working on a new concept, and then the remaining 30 minutes reviewing that concept and any others. The last five minutes are reserved for discussing homework and scheduling. If a student has learning or processing differences, session lengths can be shortened to 1 hour in order to keep them at their most productive and focused. For shorter tasks such as an AP test or supplementary homework, 1 hour sessions are ideal (though longer sessions are a possibility). As we get closer to a test, sessions should increase in frequency and length. No phones are allowed during sessions. On Zoom, students will share their screen so tutors can monitor their focus. It is clear when a student isn't paying attention: the sound of the keyboard when they don’t need to be typing, the reflection in their eyes, the changing light on their faces, or frequent looking down (at their phone). We ask students respect this tutoring time and give it their full focus. Phone screen time should be monitored during a student's tutoring journey. We recommend 2 hours of daily screen time (including phone, internet and TV). Any more than that often results in attention span issues. I will lock a student’s screen time preferences when asked.
  • What is expected of a student?
    Students are expected to show up to their sessions on time, ready to work, with all of their homework materials with them. They should attend our sessions at a desk or a table, in a relatively quiet room. Students should complete all of their homework between sessions and are encouraged to reach out to their tutor between sessions to clarify assignments or concepts. Students should communicate when they’re struggling, either to understand a concept or to complete their work. Once a student learns a concept, they must rehearse it (practice it) consistently, either through flashcards, Quizlet, or working with a family member.
  • What is expected of a parent?
    If your student is taking a test in order to get into high school, it is crucial that a parent is involved. If a student is self-motivated, this can be as simple as checking in on their progress throughout the week. If a student isn't self-motivated, parents can: sit down with them as they complete their work, correct their work, quiz their vocabulary words or math concepts, print out articles for them to read and annotate, ask them what they learned during their session, read through their notes with them, or help them study for the test. If a student is taking a test in order to get into college, it is ideal a parent give them the space to take on this responsibility independently. However, if an issue arises with time management (specifically related to social media), it’s important to have the parent involved to make sure that the student completes their homework in between sessions.
  • Post-Session Homework Emails & Summary
    During the last 5 minutes of the session, students will be asked to summarize what they have learned that day. Afterwards, a homework email will be sent to both student and parent that summarizes what was worked on in the session and details the homework for the next session. All of the homework is expected to be completed by the next session, but it's understood if certain circumstances make this difficult. Dedicating 20 minutes of homework every day is recommended instead of 1-2 hours on one day. Mastering academic skills is like learning an instrument, and it’s more effective to accomplish smaller amounts of daily practice than a big chunk all at once. Students should reach out to tutors if they have questions or problems with homework.
  • Working with Tutors
    The relationship between a student, their tutor, and Andersen Education is an important and exclusive one. Working with our tutors means working exclusively with them through Andersen Education. We ensure our associates are paid competitive rates and are provided strong resources and support, so please do not pursue outside sessions. If a tutor proposes an outside session, please inform Andersen Education, and the issue will be resolved. Thank you for your understanding on this important matter. If a student is working with a tutor in-person, an adult over the age of 18 must be present in the home for the full session. Tutors will be on-time and prepared for each session. In the unlikely case of a tutor being late for a session, they will add the lost time to the end of the session or onto the next session.
  • Class Policies
    Sessions are interactive, engaging, and comprehensive. Parents will get regular updates and the option to set up 2 phone meetings during the process with me, the instructor. Students are expected to do the work assigned in between classes in order to solidify and master the concepts reviewed in class. Classes are capped at 8 students. A deposit of 50% is required to hold your spot. This is fully refundable up until 2 weeks before the start of the first class, after which there are no refunds. The rest of payment is due on the first day of class. Any student who cannot attend a session will receive a Zoom recording. You can register for our classes here.
  • Ethics
    Andersen Education's tutors cannot and will not complete a student’s assignments for them. Tutors will use their individual Socratic methods in order to teach a student and guide them to the answer. We know this can be especially frustrating for writing assignments, which can take multiple drafts in order to complete. This is an inevitable but valuable part of that process! Our tutors cannot ethically guarantee that a student’s scores or grades will increase or they will gain admission to any school. Of course, we do believe (and have seen) that with hard work, a student’s scores can increase, sometimes to an incredible degree. Tutors will do their part by addressing content gaps, teaching strategies, assigning homework and practice tests, and communicating with parents on a consistent basis.
  • Scheduling
    Consistent, regular scheduling for students is the most beneficial because it helps create a good rhythm and establish expectations. This is not a requirement, however, and parents are never locked into any set amount of sessions. When last minute changes are needed, our tutors will do their best to accommodate.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Our cancellation/rescheduling policy is strict to protect the time and schedule of our tutors and their ability to accommodate as many students as possible. Please provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the start of the session if you’d like to cancel/reschedule/shorten. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the full fee of the session will be charged. In order to be fair to all students, there will be no exceptions. If a session is rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance, there will be no fee, and our tutors will happily do their best to accommodate the student in their schedule. Per the policy above, a session that is rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice is considered canceling the original session, which means that new rescheduled session will be treated as a new session and charged as such. Tutoring is most effective when students and tutors work consistently and regularly. There is no contract or package for a required amount of sessions, but it is assumed that the student will show up to their regularly scheduled session time unless the tutor is otherwise made aware. Tutors work most weekends and holidays and will only inform both the parent and student when they are not working, so please continue to provide 24 hours notice when letting tutors know if regular sessions need to be canceled due to holidays. If parents prefer to schedule week by week, please let us know via email. The session spot will not be held and the student will be fit in as the schedule allows on a week by week basis.
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